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Roasted Cranberries Ricotta And Honey Crostini

November 24, 2015
It’s the cranberries big season, the traditional condiment for your Thanksgiving table. These nutritional powerhouses also make a great appetizers for the big day. Roasted cranberries have a sweet tartness that make a perfect companion for ricotta or goat cheese. A drizzle of honey adds a sweet note and the sprinkle of rosemary adds an earthy finish.
Roasted Cranberries, Ricotta, and Honey Crostini
Roasted Cranberries
4 cups (12 ounce bag) of fresh cranberries
½ cup sugar
zest and juice of a lime
½ cup water
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Wash and pick over cranberries, making sure there’s no stems, foreign material, or shriveled berries.
In a large shallow pan, mix all ingredients. Roast 15-20 minutes.
Garnish with additional fresh rosemary if desired. Serve warm, or refrigerate and serve cold. Sauce can be frozen and thawed.
slice of peasant bread
roasted cranberry sauce
ricotta or goat cheese
fresh-ground pepper
sea salt
Toast the bread, spread ricotta over the top, spoon the cranberry sauce over the ricotta, then drizzled with honey. Finish with a tiny pinch of salt and fresh-cracked black pepper.
Adapted from: Life Currents
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